Student Visa Assessment Form

The following assessment form is for those individuals who want to apply for student visa. This assessment is free. Please submit the form below and a registered migration agent will contact with you and determine the best visa options for you.

Personal Details

Q1 What is your first name?*
Q2 What is your family name?*
Q3 What is your email address?*
Q4 What is your contact number?*
Q5 What is your date of birth? (dd/mm/yyyy)*
Q6 What is your nationality?*
Q7 What is your marital status?*
Q8 Are you in Australia now?*


Q9 What is the highest level of your education? *
Q10 What is the name of the institution or university?*
Q11 Country of the institution:*
Q12 What is the name of the course? e.g. nursing*
Q13 Length of the course:*
Q14 What is your average Grade Points Average (GPA)?*
Q15 Have you got another qualification?
Q15-1 What is the level of your education.?
Q15-2 What is the name of the institution or university?:
Q15-3 What is the country of the institution.?
Q15-4 What is the name of the course?
Q15-5 Length of the course :
Q15-6 What is your average Grade Points Average (GPA)? *

Work History

Q16 Have you ever been working?*
Q16-1 What is your occupation?*
Q16-2 How long have you been working in this occupation?*
Q16-3 What is the company name?*
Q16-4 What is your position/job title? *
Q16-5 Type of employment:*

English Language Ability

Q17 Have you sat for any English test in last three years?*
Q17-1 Which English test have you done?*
Q17-2 What is your score on the following bands? *
Q17-3 Overall band :*

Financial Status

Q18 Who will fund your course fees?*
Q19 How much can you afford to pay for your education?*


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