Business Visa Assessment Form

The following assessment form is for those individuals who want to apply for Australian Business Migration Program. This assessment is free.  Please submit the form below and a registered migration agent will contact with you and determine the best visa options for you.

Personal Details

Q1 What is your first name?*
Q2 What is your family name?*
Q3 What is your nationality? *
Q4 What is your email address ?*
Q5 What is your contact number?*
Q6 What is your date of birth? (dd/mm/yyyy)*
Q7 What is your marital status?*
Q8 Are you in Australia now?*


Q9 What is the highest level of your education? *
Q10 What is the name of the university?*
Q11 What is the country of the university?*
Q12 What is the name of the course? e.g. nursing*
Q13 Length of the course*
Q14 Have you got another qualification?:
Q14-1 What is the level of the second education?:
Q14-2 What is the name of the university?:
Q14-3 What is the country of the university?
Q14-4 What is the name of the course? :
Q14-5 Length of the course

Your Business and Assets

Q15 What is the company name?*
Q16 How long have you been working in this occupation?*
Q17 Do you own (or have recently owned) the business?*
Q18 What is your position/job title? *
Q19 Type of employment :*
Q20 Have you spent at least 50% of your time involved in the day-to-day management of the business? *
Q21 What was the business annual turnover in two of the last 4 fiscal years? *
Q22 What is the net value of your assets in your current business? *
Q23 What is the total value of your personal and business assets? *
Q24 Can you transfer more than AUD $ 800,000 to Australia to establish your future business ? *
Q25 How would you rate your English language ability? *


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